King Communications was founded in 1997 by Philip King. We are an accredited partner of the telecommunications service provider Vodafone. We serve the public through a network of retail outlets, telesales operations and field sales teams.

Vodafone’s status as a leading provider of broadband and TV services in recent times, as well as their strategic position as a partner in the roll out of the National Broadband Scheme has resulted in the evolution of our business from a provider of mobile services to a full solution provider of all consumer and business telecommunications needs. Our product offering includes Vodafone mobile and broadband solutions, as well as a high-quality range of accessories.

Our 23 retail outlets strive to serve the public at the highest standard, ensuring our customers communication needs are matched with excellence in customer service. We represent Vodafone in a large geographic area in Ireland with regional stores. To see where your nearest store is, click here.

Field sales has recently become a valued segment within our business. We are continuing to grow our field sales teams, improve our competitive offers, maximise speed and with support from Vodafone Head Office, set a superior standard to other competing outlets. Building a customer relationship in the communities we serve is paramount to achieving this and something we value
highly. We recognise the impact our field sales teams have on reputation, long-term customer relationships, retention of customers and overall business growth. We currently serve 10 counties including North Dublin.

Our telesales department has become a very important part of our business. This channel was launched during the covid pandemic getting much needed devices and fixed connectivity to many customers who were unable to leave their homes. It has continued to be a huge asset to our overall business in terms of connecting customer needs through our stores or home delivery services.

We are also very proud of our business-to-business sales support team who look after all our business customers – from sole traders to large companies.

We understand that connecting people is the backbone of modern society and we are so proud to continue to be at the forefront of this. We know our customers and we know the importance of ensuring that the products and services sold to you are the best and most suitable for your individual
needs. We would like to thank all our customers for their continued support for our business, allowing us to continue to grow and continue keeping you connected.

We know that our businesses continued success is a result of the combined efforts of our fantastic teams. It is for this reason that we continue to recruit and train the best in the business so that we can continue to provide a first-class service to all our customers.

If you would like to join our team, please see our vacancies.